Additional Steps for MUMTI Installation on Mac OSX

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Table of Content

#1- Enabling Flash Player for MUMTI
#2- Putting MUMTI on your desktop
#3- Double-Click vs. Single-Click

General Installation Information


1- Enabling Flash Player for MUMTI

After MUMTI installation and registration are complete you will probably see the following complaint upon starting MUMTI.

There is a quick for this by enabling MUMTI for flash access. Follow the simple steps below.

You will need to visit the following Adobe Flash link to enable security default restrictions:

The above link should put directly in the "Global Security Settings" tab as see here:


1.    Select "Edit locations..."stall

2.  Choose “Add location…”   

3.    Choose "Browse for files"

4. Select "Applications" (left pane) then type "mumti" in the search field to zoom on MUMTI application

Upon selecting the MUMTI application you should be returned to the "Adobe - Global Security Settings Panel"


MUMTI should now launch without any complaints.


2- Putting MUMTI on your desktop

Typically after visiting the installation page MUMTI may end up in the download folder, you can easily drag and drop it onto your desktop to ease future access

3- Double-Click vs. Single-Click


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