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MUMTI Interface


What does MUMTI mean?

  1. MUMTI means mother.  Mothers are known to be the first schools in many cultures.  MUMTI will provide that intensive, round-the-clock care for children and grown ups alike to make of them creative thinkers and achievers.
  2. MUMTI also stands for  Muslim Universal Media Thru Internet.  You can finally free yourself from the traditional broadcasting systems.

User Interface Related

How do I maximize the currently playing media ?


How do I return the Media Selector?


How do I minimize/iconize MUMTI window?

The following applies when you install MUMTI as web-application to run from the desktop shortcut:


How do I make the media selection icons bigger or smaller?

  1. Increase or decrease the zoom of your browser (you can use Ctrl-mouse-wheel when the browser has focus) .
  2. Then refresh the browser


Installation Related

How much space MUMTI "the application" requires?


What is the difference between MUMTI web site and MUMTI "the application" ?

Installing MUMTI "the application" provides the following benefits over MUMTI web site:


Which browser are supported with MUMTI?


Do I need a browser to run MUMTI?


How do I run MUMTI "the application"

Is MUMTI supported on Mobile devices?


PDF documents do not display inside MUMTI The Application

Clearing the Browser Cache (History)

   (in Chrome)

  (in Firefox)

  (in Internet Explorer)

YouTube Player Related

YouTube videos end prematurely

    1. go to YouTube, and go to the very bottom, click the link that says "try something new!". Try the "HTML5 VIdeo and now try to watch the video. If it works it is a cause of the Adobe Plugin. After you are done you can disable by going back to the same page.

      If HTML5 doesnt work you can try Safe Mode by holding shift while clicking the Firefox icon and select Safe Mode, and now without HTML5 try to watch the video using adobe. IF it works now it is a extenstion you have installed and try to disable them one at a time by going to about:addons


    2. Here is the direct-link
  2. Here is a fix
  3. Other fixes suggested by YouTube
    1. Video player error message - YouTube Help

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