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Your donations will go a long way towards the development of this unique invention and tools.
Please show Sh. Ahmed, Aminah, ... your support.
Jazaakum Allahu Khayran


What do I get with MUMTI?

You get unlimited access to:

  1. Quran Lessons for Children and Adults
  2. Tajweed Lessons (for Children and Adults levels)
  3. Du3aa from the Quran and Hadith (supplications)
  4. Arabic Lessons (for children and grown-ups)
  5. Exciting narrated Stories in Arabic
  6. A large collection of carefully selected Cartoons for your kids only
  7. Colorful Science Lessons in Arabic
  8. Let your children discover Space like never before and learn about Astronomy
  9. Learn about Nature, the Human and the Creator
  10. Fun talking Arabic applications
  11. Several Quran Readers and Memorization tools

Other Features:

  1. You get the latest content every time you use MUMTI off your desktop.   This content is growing daily...
  2. Free updates as soon as they are available
  3. You can participate in electing new content (to be reviewed suited for children viewing)
  4. You can rate current content

With MUMTI your children are safe and learning the right things.  MUMTI assists in safeguarding your child innocence....Your wish come true!

MUMTI provides a safety net and a shield from inappropriate Internet content while at the same time providing excellent educational pre-screened content.

Using MUMTI your children will learn to speak Arabic using a unique and a proven approach.  (ESP - Education Smart Programming)

You Will Discover More Benefits as you use MUMTI

Benefits from Learning with MUMTI

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